Saturday, March 28, 2009

Evergreen Interpretive Plaza

The new interpretive wall in downtown Evergreen, completed in 2008 with the cooperation of property owner Dean Dalvit and the support of funders (Federal Highway Administration, Dean Dalvit, Jeff Bradley, and Susan Bradley), gives Evergreen an attractive new display of its history in the plaza at the west end of downtown.

Before: The site connected two business buildings with a wooden walkway and stairs that were removed to make room for a plaza and the planned display area.

During: The old stairs were removed and the exhibit rock wall was built to house the interpretive panels.

After: On Saturday, June 21st at 2:30pm, the Lariat Loop Heritage Alliance dedicated the Interpretive Wall in Evergreen.

We thanked the people who funded the project along with the people who constructed the project and compiled information for the interpretive signs. Food, music and Model Ts celebrated our completed project.

EVERGREEN: The unique, the elaborate, the simple, and the outrageous

This signature phrase on the wall is courtesy of writer Vanita Cosper and Colorado Serenity magazine.

Here's a close-up of one of the six people profiles that are featured on the wall. Go to Evergreen to check out the rest of the panels!

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